Coaching – An Asset In Transformation Processes

The success of many company transformation processes, such as the implementation of a new strategy, reorganisations, or company successions depends on the “soft factors”. Many companies focus too much on “what” they do and too little on “how” to make it work. People management becomes a decisive factor. A coach can help to find solutions both for acting management and affected employees.

The Coaching-Process

Contrary to experts or traditional consultants, a coach should take a neutral approach with respect to the challenge, goals, possible solutions and people acting within that challenge. A coach should not be focused on providing a pre-defined solution, but work on possible solutions together with the respective coachee that help him/her in a specific situation.

The Management

Coaches can help to create new perspectives and offer different approaches to solving a problem, but also act as a sparring partner. Executives often miss a partner they can share and discuss new ideas with. Furthermore, coaches can strengthen the process of reflection before far-reaching decisions are being made. In doing so, a coach can help shedding light on decisions from different angles and thereby make the range of possible consequences more tangible and easier to deal with, if needed.

The Employee

At the same time, coaches can help employees who are affected by, find themselves at the beginning of a change process, or are in the middle of a transformation. Various challenges in a new company environment can be worked on. At the same time, coaches can create awareness for change, help personal development, or provide space for reorientation – always focusing on the human being itself. An approach to solutions can be worked on both in a traditional 1-to-1 scenario as well as in a team setting.

To enable companies to put a bigger focus on “how” to make transformations work, coaches help executives as well as employees to find solutions for arising challenges. Only if companies consider both “what” they do AND “how” they make it work, a strong foundation is set for sustainable success of transformation processes.


We co-create interventions and solutions together with our clients to reach sustainable results – there is no one way fits all. We look forward to hear from you!