Coaching – An Asset In Transformation Processes

The success of many company transformation processes depends on the “soft factors”. Many companies focus too much on “what” they do and too little on “how” to make it work. People management becomes a decisive factor. A coach can help to find solutions both for acting management and affected employees.

Challenge: Strategy Execution – 3 Focus Topics

A company can develop the best strategies and derive the most innovative projects to implement those strategies – if the execution fails, the world’s best strategies don’t have an impact. In this article we want to shed light on 3 focus topics for successful strategy execution.

Challenge: Corporate Succession – 3 Focus Topics

Handing over the company, whether it is within the family (next generation), or outside (current management (MBO), new management (MBI), or an investor (sale)), is considered one of the hardest decisions within the lifetime of an entrepreneur. In this article we want to shed light on 3 focus areas in corporate succession management