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Company succession

Planning, monitoring and management of a generation transition and/or a change in ownershipls

Succession planning

Succession management within organisations, from identifying key positions, to identifying the right talent and developing designated successors


From developing and planning the respective succession approach, to executing it with targeted measures and objectives

Direct Investments

Venture Capital / PE

The “right hand” from transaction management and administrative execution to investment management throughout the entire holding period.

Strategy and Governance

Establish a framework to manage and execute your strategic agenda through clear ownership, accountability, responsibility, business plans, calendars and tracking – for investors and entrepreneurs.

Investment Management

From building a tailor-made controlling system and management of the investment portfolio to the administration of the entire contract and document landscape – digital, structured.



Structure and sourcing of funds for acquisition and project finance, as well as refinancing

Transaction management

Planning and advice throughout the entire transaction process, including the management of partners such as banks, investors, lawyers and advisors, as well as negotiation of relevant contracts


Search of investors as well as identification of potential investment targets for investors

Hemmelrath Soentgerath Family Office

Sustainable solutions through a unique combination of expertise

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In order to enable people to develop themselves and their organisations, we are happy to support you with individual coaching, training programs and workshops, which we develop based on our core competences for your specific needs.